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Meet the HRS Team! We are passionate about our customers, our employees and the product that brings them together. We love what we do and our clients love working with us. We’ve had an amazing journey coming to where we are today, and now feel confident with our extensive skills and hands-on approach we can provide you with professional and effective service in an efficient manner.




As the consulting director, Richard Duffin draws on his extensive hair restoration experience with over 8 years of expertise in the hair industry, having consulted outlets for an international company for hair loss. Richard has worked closely with many patients, and consulting on a daily basis has helped to achieve some of the very best results for many different forms of hair loss. Richard identifies a wide range of hair loss conditions and supports patients as they explore the best possible hair loss treatment approach for their specific case. He works closely with his specialised team ensuring that they are all trained to the exceptionally high standards that Hair Renewal Studio’s is known for.



Brian is a man, that as soon as He knows your name, he will always call you by it. This makes him very much a people’s person. You will soon see that He will always have a spring in his step and a smile on his face that creates a very positive and lively atmosphere in the office. He comes with a wealth of experience; 7 years of managerial experience in the retail sector, which 2 years were for the second-biggest fashion retailer in the world and 7 years in the medical field. Having served as a volunteer paramedic for a period of time with Netcare 911, he comes with knowledge of how the body works. This enables him to assist you to the best of his ability to prescribe you the best possible treatment suited for you and your current condition. He truly believes in the statement “Real people, real results” and the service he renders will give you these results.



Chandra Smith is our Stylist in the Durban Branch. You can be sure that when she has worked on your hair that you will walk out feeling like a million bucks. She has extensive experience in working with hair for over 8 years with having served an internship at Rolf Oppermann hairdressing. With her warm demeaner and approachable attitude you are assured that you are in good hands. She really has the ability to make you feel be”YOU”tiful when you leave her stylist room.

Chandra Smith



Coming from a very customer-centric environment from 2 brand powerhouses, one of them being BMW, Pamela comes equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to be very customer-focused, in the manner and attitude she brings in performing her tasks as Richard’s PA and CRO. As Regional Manager, Pamela is always willing to assist wherever she can, to ensure our clients get informed and timeous feedback is her Forte. Being an extension of Richard, our clients can be confident that there’s always an open, safe channel of communication between themselves and Richard.

As the Regional Manager for all Hair Renewal Studios branches, Pamela has strong decision -making and problem -solving skills. She is an “old hat” at multi-tasking and working under conditions that are high in stress(that’s her sweet spot). She ensures that her objective is always that our clients will “do something today that their future selves will thank them for”, which feeds the customer-centric approach that Hair Renewal Studios has become known for. Working with two dynamic, diligent teams makes this an easy reality.



Portia is the lady that would assist you on the laser. From the start to the finish of your laser session, Portia is there to walk you through the process. She’s really good in calming any nerves that you might have about laser treatment. She also makes a mean cappuccino, be sure to try it when you visit us!

Tyla Punshon



When you walk through the door at Hair Renewal Studios you are assured to be greeted by our Receptionist, Tyla Punshon. But don’t be mistaken she is not your average receptionist. She shows real interest in everyone that walks through our door completely impartial of where you might come from. As a person easy to talk to, she will make you feel completely comfortable the entire time that you are on the journey to getting the results that we see at Hair Renewal Studios. Efficiency and attention to detail is what you can expect from her while you in the process where you do something today that your future self will thank you for.


  • All my life I had a problem with my hair dropping on a daily basis - much more than the norm. Eventually, I heard about and ended up going for cold laser treatment at Hair Renewal Studios, Durban North. Thereafter I continued using their maintenance products and what an excellent, superb result. My hair does not drop hands full like it used to before anymore - it has grown and is thick and lush. I get so many compliments on my hair and I am able to wear it longer as I always wanted and desired to. I highly recommend the treatment and maintenance of products with conviction because of my own superior experience and result. Furthermore, the staff is friendly, professional and well qualified. One receives the royal treatment every time you have an appointment. There is ample, safe parking and the premises and studio is kept in prestige condition. If you suffer any type of hair loss (whatever the cause), both male and female, it is vitally important to have it seen to at Hair Renewal Studios. You will be blown away and will be more than satisfied with the end result. Trust me, it is well worth it. During your first visit, you are counselled and everything about the process is explained in detail. Photos are taken, your hair's condition is analyzed and then the relevant treatment is suggested.

    Debbie Kruger

  • I was fortunate enough to have access to quality staff and practitioners that went out of their way to make the experience more comfortable. I was pleasantly surprised at how efficient the staff was and how dedicated they were at providing me quality service. The clinic had very affordable and competitive prices compared to other clinics, the staff were friendly and they were very professional. I highly recommend them.


  • As far as medical consultations go, I don't think there is a better place to find them than the Hair Renewal studios. I was given a completely free yet informative consultation and I felt confident enough to want to book an appointment for the actual procedure. I don't think there is a better medical experience anywhere in the country, I as extremely satisfied with the service I received.


  • “I initially was a bit sceptical about the procedure, now I can confidently say that I would definitely recommend it to others in my situation. The Manager and staff not only approach you on a professional basis but are extremely warm and friendly. It is with that relationship that I have continued with my treatment, achieving the results I required. Having hair loss leaves you with a low self-esteem, however the service received at the Hair Renewal Clinic has given me the confidence to embrace anything. Trust me you will be pleased with the outcome.”

    Annie Naidoo

  • “The best experience I could ask for. People are so friendly and genuinely caring. The treatment really works and I would never go anywhere else. Best in Durban. I can say that because I have been to another place and Hair Renewal Studios is leaps and bounds ahead of the rest. Incredibly professional and honest.”

    Ashton Deyzel

  • "I have been on the laser treatment for almost 8 months. It has been an exciting and rewarding journey seeing the benefits of the program. The service and professionalism of the clinic is exceptional and the staff are friendly and helpful. The environment is clean and you are made to feel welcome and comfortable. Thank you. Keep up the great service and treatments."

    Catherine Ramautar

  • "Having had a hair transplant (both the strip method and FUE), I can safely say that neither of these techniques gave me the density I had hoped for. The strip method left an ugly scar at the back of my head and the FUE technique was unsuccessful (not once but twice) as my hair is naturally very fine FUE is only viable on naturally thick, coarse hair. PRP, combined with laser has proven to be a great option for me as its virtually painless, without any downtime and I could return to my usual activities almost immediately."

    Mr Khan



Qualified bachelor of medicine, bachelor of surgery.

Has had extensive training and diploma’s in psychiatry, cardiothoracic, general, plastic and aesthetic medicine as well as Obstetrics and gynaecology And Paediatrics.

Associate member of Royal colleges of general practitioners.

Currently CEO of North Coast Family Medical Centre and also based at Life Mount Edgecombe Hospital.

Most recently trained extensively in preparation and administration of PRP therapy with a focus on hair renewal and rejuvenation.

He looks forward to his partnership with Hair Renewal Studios and is confident that together they will revolutionize the hair growth industry in South Africa.



Anne is the Senior Stylist at Hair Renewal Studios Johannesburg. You can be assured of excellent customer service knowing that a professional, experienced stylist will be working on your hair. With Anne attending as your stylist, you are assured that her expertise and professionalism will give you a styling experience par excellence. Anne has the tenacity to rise to any and all challenges and always comes out on top. Anne is driven and fuelled by a sense of excellence, and her quiet confidence is the thing that makes her tick. Her end goal is ultimately to make you look “Be You tiful”.



Elizabeth (Lizzy) is the Receptionist and Laser Technician at Hair Renewal Studios, Johannesburg. Lizzy is the first person you will meet upon entering HRS and you can count on her to make you feel at home.Her warm welcome and fantastic Caffe Latte (highly recommended) are her calling card. Lizzy is a determined individual ,who does things to the best of her ability,no matter how big or small the task may be.Lizzy’s “feel at home, feel welcome and feel like family” attitude ,definitely transends in all her interactions ,with clients.