How Can Hair Renewal Studio’s Help You?

hr-studiosWe are focused on the diagnosis and treatment of hair disorders, including thinning hair, alopecia, male/female pattern baldness, and scalp infections.

Hair loss is a very delicate subject, especially for the individual suffering from it, and we know this personally. Give us a call, and we provide you with a comprehensive and honest service. Our consultation process will care for you as an individual, and we will explain why you are losing your hair and how we can stop it. Once we stop your hair loss, our next aim is to promote regrowth, and we promise to offer a bespoke service at all times.

We Offer a Free Consultation

We understand that our clients have a number of concerning questions regarding the hair loss treatment we provide and this is why we are more than happy to offer a free consultation to all of our clients. This provides us with the opportunity to get to know you and what your expectations are. We can explain all of our treatments and procedures, helping you to know what options are available to you. We know that undergoing any treatment or procedure can be daunting for many people and we are here to put you at ease.

We Offer a Discretionary Service

We offer professional, personal, private services where our clients are in a peaceful environment and feel comfortable opening up to us, so we can help you with our services and expertise.


Easy in, easy out. Our customers love how easy it is to purchase our products and receive our treatments with our flexi-hours Monday to Saturday, as we all know how busy your schedules are, we like to make it as simple and convenient for you as possible.

We Provide a Range of Treatments and Services

We offer a range of treatments and products that will ensure you receive the best treatment for your type of hair loss.

After your private consultation we will be able to determine what treatment would be most suitable for your hair situation. There are many different types of hair loss and we aim to ensure that you receive a focused level of treatment.

We believe that it is possible to offer a bespoke service to all of our clients and if you are looking to regain your confidence and optimism for life, you will find that working with us creates a platform to move forward.

At Hair Renewal Studio’s we aim to provide the most effective level of treatment for every client.

Why Trust Hair Renewal Studio’s?

If losing your hair has damaged your confidence, we are on hand to regain your spirit and vitality in life, At Hair Renewal Studio’s we are reliable and dedicated to our clients.

We offer a guarantee to all of our clients, you will receive the finest level of support and assistance you can hope to find with respect to treating hair loss and…

  • Noticeable improvements in months.
  • Develop your confidence.
  • Receive hands on service, support and advice.
  • Transform and upgrade your appearance.
  • Available for a wide range of causes and conditions, we can help everyone.
  • Receive a free consultation and realistic expectations