What to expect when approaching a Hair Renewal Clinic


In this day and age, both men and women are a lot more aware of their personal image and the way others perceive them. Hair loss can often be scary, embarrassing and a knock to your self-confidence as it is a condition that affects your physical appearance, which is why most people try to treat it themselves with store bought products instead of reaching out to a professional.


There are many different hair loss products and solutions in the marketplace that promise amazing results, however, most of these will not have the desired hair growth results you are looking for. It is important to use a reputable hair clinic with trained industry professionals when combating hair loss, to understand the different treatments for your condition and how to care for your hair growth after the treatment plan is complete.


Low level laser therapy is a natural treatment that stimulates hair growth and is intended for men and women with thinning hair caused by a hereditary and other conditions. In the last 30 years, the average success rate for low level laser therapy is around 73%. Hair Renewal Studio’s over the last 3 years has had an above average industry success rate of 97%, this is due to the highly skilled team of professionals diagnosing the condition correctly, providing the right treatment, combined with the right products for each individual client. With this high success rate, Hair Renewal Studio’s basis 60% of their laser clientele from referrals.


Hair regrowth treatments are often perceived to be an exorbitant cost that most people can’t afford (especially since most medical aids won’t cover the cost). However, there are different options available which can enable a person to get the help they need without wasting money on store-bought treatments that mask the real cause of their hair loss. At Hair Renewal Studio’s, we tailor each hair loss treatment and hair care product towards every client’s own needs, this includes catering to every client’s budget.


There are three main treatment options with a rough pricing model to help guide people to understand where to start and what to expect:


  • Product treatment – this involves using various carefully selected products to help reduce hair loss. This ranges from about R600 to R1,500 per month.
  • Low-level laser treatment – these treatments start at around 3 months long and include products to use alongside laser therapy sessions. These programs start at around R4,500 for the full treatment.
  • The third option is major non-surgical hair replacement treatment – this is a full program tailored to the client and will be quoted on the specifications of the client depending on the severity of the client’s hair loss


Having a pre-treatment consultation is vital (and at Hair Renewal Studio’s is free) to understand what the client can expect, what the cause of their hair loss is, which treatment they need and how long it will be. These consultations are also important as people need to understand that hair loss is not just from their genetics or diet…but could be from various other issues, for example, having follicle issues or hormone imbalances each of which are treated differently.


When you use low-level laser treatments you can start to see results from as early as 8 weeks. These treatments are on average around 6 months long, require proper hair care and need regular check-ups after treatment, which will enable you to maintain the hair growth that was achieved.


Hair Renewal Studio’s have their own in-house products that fit together with the treatments perfectly, these products are specifically designed to continue to care for your hair after the treatment has been completed. If Aftercare is followed, the proper hair products are used and the necessary dietary changes have been implemented you can expect low-level laser therapy on average to last 7 – 10 years.


Hair Renewal Studio’s is focused on their clients and provides long-term solutions to solve all their client’s individual hair loss conditions and not just once off products or quick fixes. This is to ensure that the client gets the most hair growth out of the treatment they receive and feel positive about the growth they see.


At Hair Renewal Studio’s, confidentiality is very important as we understand how sensitive this subject can be for a person. We take the following steps to ensure we deliver the best service to our clients:


  • One on one consultations
  • Integrity to ensure the right treatment is given
  • Creating relationships with clients
  • Full transparency


If you are suffering from hair loss and are unsure of the reason for your condition, contact Hair Renewal Studio’s for a free consultation with one of our trained professionals. Let us help you solve your hair loss with one of our tailored and successful treatments.