Trichotillomania (“Trich”) – How We Can Help


What is Trichotillomania? & What is compulsive hair pulling?

Trichotillomania commonly known as “Trich”, is a disorder that causes people to pull out the hair from their scalp, eyelashes, eyebrows, pubic areas, underarms, beard, chest, legs or other parts of the body, resulting in noticeable bald patches.

What causes Trich?

The cause of Trich is not known. Research into the causes and treatments of Trich is still in the early stages. Preliminary evidence indicates Trich is a neuro-biological disorder and that genetics may play a role in its development.

When and why do people pull?

We do know that people with Trich generally have a neurologically based predisposition to pull their hair as a self-soothing mechanism. The pulling behavior serves as a coping mechanism for anxiety and other difficult emotions. It does not hurt and they are not trying to damage themselves. The average age of onset is 11, but Trich can be found in children as young as 1 year old.

For some, at times the urge may be so strong that it makes thinking of anything else nearly impossible.
Trich occurs in people who are happy and well-adjusted and may also occur in times of stress, anxiety, trauma or emotional disturbance. Depression is very common in people with Trich..

What treatments do we offer for Trich?

At Hair Renewal Studio’s we treat a wide age range of clients suffering from Trich. The four images below illustrate how we we helped one of our trichotillomania clients recently.

The first two are “before” images that show the the extent of the hair loss caused by her “pulling”…




The following two images show how great the client looks after we replaced her hair..


And finally…


Depending on the severity of the “hair pulling” we can recommend treatments for you or one of your loved ones.

Do You or a Loved-One Suffer From “Trich?”

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