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For Top-Quality Human Hair Extensions, REMY Is The Number One Choice

If you’re looking for a natural look that won’t damage your own hair, then REMY’s 100% Human Hair Extensions – available in both Durban and Johannesburg – is the leading choice. Here is an outline of the REMY hair extension options available.

REMY Tape-In Hair Extensions


These extensions are a really great way to add highlights, volume and length to your hair. REMY offers a wide variety of colours, mixes and blends with lengths ranging between 16 and 24 inches. Here’s what else you need to know:

How are Tape-In hair extensions attached?

The hair technician sections the hair, keeping out all hairlines so that existing hair is undetectable. A thin slice of hair is sandwiched between the two tape extensions, a few millimetres away the scalp. The two Tape-In hair extensions bond with a slice of your hair, holding the tapes in place.

How long do Tape-In hair extensions last?

Tape-Ins are reusable and can last up to eight months, however they do need to be adjusted once a week by a hair technician which takes about an hour at a time. The longevity of the hair depends on the quality of hair selected, the products used and the overall hair maintenance.

REMY Deluxe Clip-In Hair Extensions


If you are preparing for a special occasion such as a school formal, matric dance or wedding, then these are the hair extensions for you. These lightweight clip-in extensions will give you longer, fuller hair with zero damage to your own hair – in as little as 10 minutes. Here’s what you need to know:

Can I swim with my Deluxe Clip-In hair extensions?

Swimming in chlorinated or salt water is not advised as these substances might damage the hair extensions or cause a deterioration in quality. If swimming is necessary, coat extensions in watered conditioner, avoiding the bonded areas, and tie up hair securely. If your Deluxe Clip-Ins have been exposed to chemicals, make sure to wash the hair as soon as possible. 

Can I sleep with my Deluxe Clip-In hair extensions?

If your Deluxe Clip-Ins are for one night only and they are set to be removed the following day, then sleeping in them is not a problem. However, if you plan on wearing them for a while, then the Deluxe Clip-Ins must be removed before sleeping.

REMY Micro-Ring Hair Extensions


These are a very popular and cost-effective popular hair extension method as they are fitted and removed without the use of glue, heat, chemicals or braids. The small, discreet rings won’t cause any discomfort or stress to your hair, and the layer of silicone inside the rings acts as a cushion once the ring is closed, helping to keep the extension in place. When it comes to Micro-Rings, individual strands are the most versatile extensions on the market as they give the technician control over the placement of each strand, allowing for the most natural movement of the hair. Colours can be easily mixed to create subtle hi or low lites, or striking colour slices.

REMY Tip Hair Extensions

  • REMY Mini-Tip Hair Extensions

These are another popular fitting application which – like Micro Rings – are fitted and removed without the use of glues, heat, chemicals or braids. The Mini-Tips lie flatter than Micro Rings and create a tiny, secure attachment which can be worn for up to eight weeks before maintenance is needed. They are extremely comfortable and ideal for all hair types.


  • REMY Ultra-Tip Hair Extensions

This is a revolutionary new hair system that is reusable without needing to re-tip the hair. They come in three options: Ultra-Flat, Ultra-Light and Ultra-Coverage. Ultra-Tip hair extensions are not affected by heat or product damage, and lie completely flat with the natural flow of the hair. They are fitted in place using Ultra-Locks – a product developed specifically for this extension type. They are ideal for coverage as each bond lays on top of the hair, and due to the fan shape of the bond, the hair is dispersed for effective coverage. The REMY Ultra-Tips are double drawn which means the hair is thick from root to tip, and it’s available in 16 to 20-inch lengths.

  • REMY Memory Tip Hair Extensions/ iTip

Memory Tip Hair Extensions – also known as shoelace tip, Flashpoint and Coldfusion – are applied by using a threader which pulls the hair through a very small cylinder. The Memory Extension is then inserted into the cylinder and compressed with special pliers, holding the extension in place. Memory Tips have to be moved up every four-to-eight weeks and can last up to eight months.


How to care for REMY hair extensions

Correct aftercare is essential to maintain the quality of all of REMY hair extensions and prolong their life. To get the most out of your hair extensions, follow these tips:

  • Make sure you use the recommended products for REMY hair extensions or you risk damaging the hair. 
  • Do not wash the hair more than three times a week. 
  • Before washing, use an extension brush to detangle the hair from scalp to roots. 
  • Wash the hair in an upright position, using sulphate-free gentle cleansing shampoo and conditioner, in warm water. Do not rub, massage or twist the hair. 
  • When shampooing the hair, massage gently into the scalp and over bond areas. 
  • When conditioning, apply only to the middle and ends of the hair, avoid the roots. 
  • After rinsing, squeeze out excess water and pat dry with a towel. 
  • When blow drying, dry root areas at bonds first. Do not go to sleep with wet hair. Place hair in a loose ponytail or plait. 
  • Do not colour hair extensions.


How many extensions are needed?

The average head needs about 100 to 120 strands of hair extensions to complete the process, however different applications are packaged with different strand amounts. Aspects such as the wearer’s natural hair features and type of hair desired will determine the number of extensions.

How long must the natural hair be?

To achieve a natural integration between the extensions and your own hair, the hair needs to be at least jawline length.


‘100% Remy’ means the hair cuticles of every single strand are intact and facing in the same direction. All REMY hair has been willingly donated and handled carefully to maintain its alignment throughout production. The result is tangle-free, natural hair which will act as your own hair should.

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