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Our Hair Types

The Hair Renewal Studios hair extensions range consists of different hair types for every need. Choose from one of the options below. 

Silver Range

100% Remy Indian/Asian Hair

Collected mainly from temples in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, this hair is readily available and ethically sourced. This type of hair can last up to 8months or more, dark colours last better than the light blondes in this type.

This hair type is available in the micro ring application.

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Gold Range


100% Remy Virgin Indian Hair

Virgin hair has not been chemically processed in any way, it will have its natural colour and curl pattern. Virgin Indian Hair is usually mostly straight with a light wave but natural spiral curls are available. The colours usually range from Jet Black through to the natural blacks and darkest browns, Virgin Indian hair can last 12-18months approximately.

This hair is available in our memory tip/iTip range.

100% Remy Mongolian Hair

Our absolute favourite hair, incredibly soft, strong and thick with a great elasticity which is due to the Mongolian climate and diet, this Beautiful 100% Remy, double-drawn Mongolian hair is available in a wide range of colours and lengths.

Double-drawn means the hair is thick right to the ends, 90% or more of the hairs fall within an inch from the stated length giving the most luscious result. This is our bestseller! This is a superior no-compromise product that will last up to 12months or more with good care.

Our Mongolian Hair is the easiest hair type to style and creates big bouncy curls which hold for several days!

This is hair is available in the Ultra-Tips, Clip-ins, Tape-ins.

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Platinum Range


100% Remy Virgin Russian/Slavic Hair

Without a doubt the world’s most sought after hair. Fine and incredibly soft, usually straight hair with a slight wave, every colour is available. Even with continuous wear, virgin Russian hair can last 18months or more depending on aftercare.

When cared for correctly this hair will see you through many re-fits.

Please note: Real Russian hair is extremely rare and highly valuable, there are many fakes which are cleverly disguised as the real thing. Don’t be fooled, real Russian hair will never be cheap and it is not easily available.

This hair type is available in our Mini-Tip range.

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