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Pump up your hair and feel be”you”tiful. Using our low maintenance of 100% human hair extensions. No glues, waxes or resins. Quick and simple, damage-free applications add length and volume to give you supermodel hair suited to your desired look and style.

Our Hair Extensions are of the highest quality ensuring you, reuseable, damage-free hair that requires no glues or waxes upon application.

Invest in your hair, invest in your image. We offer a wide range of colours, lengths and densities. We guarantee you the best service and products to enhance the new you.



  • All my life I had a problem with my hair dropping on a daily basis - much more than the norm. Eventually, I heard about and ended up going for cold laser treatment at Hair Renewal Studios, Durban North. Thereafter I continued using their maintenance products and what an excellent, superb result. My hair does not drop hands full like it used to before anymore - it has grown and is thick and lush. I get so many compliments on my hair and I am able to wear it longer as I always wanted and desired to. I highly recommend the treatment and maintenance of products with conviction because of my own superior experience and result. Furthermore, the staff is friendly, professional and well qualified. One receives the royal treatment every time you have an appointment. There is ample, safe parking and the premises and studio is kept in prestige condition. If you suffer any type of hair loss (whatever the cause), both male and female, it is vitally important to have it seen to at Hair Renewal Studios. You will be blown away and will be more than satisfied with the end result. Trust me, it is well worth it. During your first visit, you are counselled and everything about the process is explained in detail. Photos are taken, your hair's condition is analyzed and then the relevant treatment is suggested.

    Debbie Kruger

  • I was fortunate enough to have access to quality staff and practitioners that went out of their way to make the experience more comfortable. I was pleasantly surprised at how efficient the staff was and how dedicated they were at providing me quality service. The clinic had very affordable and competitive prices compared to other clinics, the staff were friendly and they were very professional. I highly recommend them.


  • As far as medical consultations go, I don't think there is a better place to find them than the Hair Renewal studios. I was given a completely free yet informative consultation and I felt confident enough to want to book an appointment for the actual procedure. I don't think there is a better medical experience anywhere in the country, I as extremely satisfied with the service I received.


  • “I initially was a bit sceptical about the procedure, now I can confidently say that I would definitely recommend it to others in my situation. The Manager and staff not only approach you on a professional basis but are extremely warm and friendly. It is with that relationship that I have continued with my treatment, achieving the results I required. Having hair loss leaves you with a low self-esteem, however the service received at the Hair Renewal Clinic has given me the confidence to embrace anything. Trust me you will be pleased with the outcome.”

    Annie Naidoo

  • “The best experience I could ask for. People are so friendly and genuinely caring. The treatment really works and I would never go anywhere else. Best in Durban. I can say that because I have been to another place and Hair Renewal Studios is leaps and bounds ahead of the rest. Incredibly professional and honest.”

    Ashton Deyzel

  • "I have been on the laser treatment for almost 8 months. It has been an exciting and rewarding journey seeing the benefits of the program. The service and professionalism of the clinic is exceptional and the staff are friendly and helpful. The environment is clean and you are made to feel welcome and comfortable. Thank you. Keep up the great service and treatments."

    Catherine Ramautar

  • "Having had a hair transplant (both the strip method and FUE), I can safely say that neither of these techniques gave me the density I had hoped for. The strip method left an ugly scar at the back of my head and the FUE technique was unsuccessful (not once but twice) as my hair is naturally very fine FUE is only viable on naturally thick, coarse hair. PRP, combined with laser has proven to be a great option for me as its virtually painless, without any downtime and I could return to my usual activities almost immediately."

    Mr Khan



Our Hair Extensions are offered to all candidates. We guarantee you gorgeous, supermodel looking hair.

All first initial installations are FREE!



    In order to meet your needs, Hair Renewal Studio’s has therefore developed a variety of different methods and applications of Hair Extensions. All of our Premium Virgin Hair Extensions are reusable and available in a huge variety of colours, lengths and qualities. We only use very gentle applications which ensures your hair stays damage-free, no glues, no waxes and no knotting.

    All first initial installations are FREE!

    Your Hair Extension maintenance is quick and simple, with our low maintenance methods you will be walking out looking and feeling be’you’tiful with your luxurious silky hair in no time.