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Contributing Factors to Hairloss – Pt. 01

There are many contributing factors that play a part in hair loss and hair growth. Some have greater effects on these than others and I would like to address a few of the main ones that we see on a daily basis at our studios. Many have the misconception that you only get hair loss when it is genetically brought upon. In past articles, which can be found on our blog, I have addressed only 3 contribution factors which were stress, overall scalp health as well as diet. Over the years we have assisted many people in regaining their hair and these journeys, we have had with them, has given us a wealth of knowledge in what we do and how these contribution factors affect hair loss before treatment and in some cases even while on treatment.

The first factor I would like to tackle is that of the medication that we take. Any medication, which is not vitamins, have some effect on the PH of our bodies because of the ingredients that can be found in them. It is proven that if we have a bit more of an alkaline PH balance our overall health would increase as well because most diseases love acid environments. Some medication actually has hair loss as one of their side effects, a good example of this would be medication for the treatment of depression or anxiety. Now I am not suggesting that if you are on chronic medication for your survival to stop taking them, but we should definitely look into ways on how to offset the acidity in the body caused by it.

The second and third one I would like to discuss together because this could be a “2 birds one stone” kind of solution. This is none other than the level of exercise we have and the levels of stress we have on a daily basis. The general consensus for exercise is 5 times a week for about 30 minutes each session and what this will do is get more nutrients and oxygen, that can be found in the blood, to more places and more often. This will result in an overall healthier body. Stress unfortunately is deemed killer number 1 by the medical fraternal because of the long-term effects stress has on the body. For most of us, exercise is a good way to “work through” stress instead of suppressing it which makes this worse. It is also a really good tool to refocus. I have seen many people come through our doors with high levels of stress and as a result, have serious cases of hair loss, one would be Alopecia Areata which is a patchy kind of hair loss that can be brought upon by stress.

It’s important for us to realise that hair loss in itself has many facets to it and it generally takes a variety of things working in conjunction with each other to either regrow or regain your hair back naturally. Unfortunately, there are a lot of single based products that will assure you “results you are looking for” only to find in the end that it hasn’t worked. Look out for Part 2 of this article soon on our Blog.