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One Minute Color Care Treatment

One Minute Treatment can be used for different hair structures, intensive, systematic care is very important. The balanced and coordinated effective materials are its basic elements. Hair injury does not occur in one day, only by using it chronically can the proper curative effect be obtained.


This intensive hair care product was developed for dry, weak, porous, damaged and dull hair. Advanced RIZO`S target nucleoprotein repair technology allows hydrolysed proteins to penetrate damaged hair while nourishing and repairing at the same time. Homocysteine is the common therapeutic essence and is used in most hair care products. Its powerful treatment effect promotes self-repairing ability. Additionally, super micro magnesium grains improve the hair strength and elasticity, ceramide silk peptide known as moisturizing essence effectively seals moisture and color pigment into the hair, vegetal protein essence supplies diversified nourishment, and the silk ppt factor makes the hair silky. Combining above mentioned advanced hair care technologies, after 3 weeks use they repair 90% of damaged hair, returning moisture, smoothness, elasticity and health to the compromised hair.

Directions: Suitable for short or long hair. After washing or daily treatment, apply correct amount of super micro fibre essential lotion onto your palm, work it into a foam between your palms, then apply onto hair and gently massage till thoroughly applied then rinse off. It can be used as an everyday treatment.

A balanced cleansing complex agent, which abstract from the Chinese Herb that frees the build up and sebam from the scalp. Devitalized hair with energy and vigor, restoring its shine and bounce. Specially formulated for hair loss people or normalizing before chemical treatment.
This cleansing system contain Chinese herb extract.





Multi-function shampoo is blended with rich Vitamin E, wheat amino acid and essential oil. Leaving your hair full of body, shine and easy to manage. The special essential oil will smooth your frizzy, dry hair. Sebamed agent regulates the sebam production and climbasol keeps the scalp free of fungi, bacteria and dandruff effectively.

Spread evenly through wet hair and lather, massage the hair and scalp, rinse thoroughly, repeat the process if necessary.




pudding wax

This styling product is for fashionable users.
With its memory styling system, it can powerfully nourish hair when styling.
The PMO factor can effectively support soft hair and easily create an incredible elastic matt look effect.
Super micro active carbon grains can effectively absorb and diffusely reflect light, creating the matt effect, thus showing rich dimension and hair texture.
Apply the wax, style hair by combing with fingers to achieve flexible, fashionable and matt effect






  1. Vitamin repair spray contains the Nano-grade of multi size silicone molecules which repair the multi porous surface of the hair shaft.
  2. It gives softness and protection to your silky hair.
  3. UVA-UVB filter prevents colour fading.
  4. Natural silk proteins minimize hair frizz and repair split ends.
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